A Century of Service: President George H.W. Bush’s Legacy at Points of Light

Jun 12, 2024

June 12, 2024, marks a significant milestone: the centennial birthday of President George H.W. Bush, the founder of Points of Light. This day serves as a touching reminder of a life dedicated to service and the enduring legacy that continues to inspire millions across the globe.

As those who served alongside him can attest, President Bush’s commitment to service was a cornerstone of his character and a guiding principle in his presidency. He believed in the transformative power of volunteerism, recognizing that everyday individuals possess the ability to spark extraordinary change. This conviction led to the establishment of Points of Light, an organization empowering people to take action and create a better world.

The values that President Bush embodied – including integrity, empathy, respect, optimism and an unwavering belief in the human spirit – are woven into the fabric of Points of Light. They are, in fact, the driving force behind our mission to inspire, equip and mobilize individuals to make a meaningful impact in their communities.

As we celebrate this milestone of President Bush’s 100th birthday, we are reminded of the immense progress that has been made, but also of the work that still lies ahead. Today, the need for volunteerism is greater than ever, and it is in this spirit that we recommit ourselves to President Bush’s vision.

Points of Light’s Tribute to President Bush’s Legacy of Service

This year’s Points of Light Conference is taking place in President Bush’s hometown of Houston, serves as a fitting tribute to his remarkable life and legacy. As part of this celebration, we are honoring a Daily Point of Light awardee each day, highlighting individuals and organizations who exemplify the values that President Bush held dear.

The Daily Point of Light program, a pillar of the organization, recognizes the extraordinary efforts of everyday heroes who are making a difference in their communities. By showcasing their stories, we hope to inspire others to join this movement of service and create a brighter future for all.

Highlights from the Daily Point of Light Program

In fiscal year 2023:

  • 572 Daily Point of Light Award nominations were received
  • 260 Daily Point of Light Awards were given
  • 43% of DPOLs were under 18 years old
  • 11% of DPOLs were over 65 years old
  • California had the most DPOLs of any state
  • Texas was the state with the second most DPOLs awarded
  • Health, Hunger & Well-being was the most supported cause area by DPOLs

Your Invitation to Join the Movement

On this centennial birthday, we invite you to honor President George H.W. Bush’s legacy by taking action. Whether it’s volunteering your time, supporting a cause you care about through donating or simply spreading the word about the power of service, every contribution makes a difference.

If you’re ready to lend your time and talent to a cause you care about, you can search the Engage database to discover volunteer opportunities near you or to find a virtual opportunity you can complete from home. And if you know of someone who deserves to be celebrated for the positive impact they’re making, consider nominating them as a Daily Point of Light.

Together, we can carry on President Bush’s legacy and ensure that his vision of a more compassionate and just society continues to shine brightly for generations to come.

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