Headline: Creating Change through Collaboration

Jun 17, 2012

Today’s post is written by Glenn Tilton, chairman of the Midwest for JPMorgan Chase.

Throughout the economic downturn and continuing recovery, individuals and organizations have looked to the volunteer sector to address community needs. While nonprofits have stepped in to help, the challenge of how civic engagement can build a stronger economy, more highly skilled and versatile workers, and create economic benefits remains.

A welcome trend is that corporations, too, are turning their attention toward volunteerism. Companies are expanding volunteer programs to not only help their communities, but also because they help attract, develop, motivate and retain the most dynamic and passionate employees. The most innovative businesses in the world understand these programs are critical to their bottom line.

Chase believes that supporting collaborations between nonprofits, governments, foundations and companies, and fostering social innovation, is creating new ways to drive forward economic and social well-being. We believe inspiring and supporting the active community engagement of our employees is central to our role as a corporate citizen.

Since 2009, more than 50,000 Chase employees have contributed nearly one million hours of service to their communities across the globe. Our employees bring not only their commitment to service, but also their expertise and skills. Whether it is helping communities and individuals build assets, prepare for home ownership, learn financial basics or prepare for greater employment opportunities, we know our people make a difference in the economic progress of the many communities we call home. Chase is committed to working across sectors to build innovative partnerships that leverage the very best that nonprofits, government and the private sector have to offer. Chase makes an impact in a community, but it is our people that make the biggest difference in lives when they commit their time and skills to addressing the most pressing needs in our communities.

At Points of Light’s National Conference on Volunteering and Service, June 18-20 in Chicago, thought leaders, corporations and individuals will come together to discuss the how we are making an impact in our local economies and showcasing that service provides a tangible economic benefit to individuals, municipalities and the business world.

By discussing innovative solutions to the most pressing economic issues in our communities, we can find new ways to use service to partner, leverage resources and engage communities across the country through financial literacy, job empowerment, coaching and readiness.

As a company that strives to demonstrate leadership in social responsibility in communities around the world, Chase hopes to lend an important voice to the nonprofit dialogue on economic opportunity and long-term organizational planning.