Impact Icons: Zoya Eshwar and Zoya’s Rainbow Touch – Pastel Souls

Feb 6, 2024

In a world where acts of kindness can transform lives, Zoya Eshwar’s Pastel Souls stands as a shining example of how art can serve as a powerful tool for engagement and social impact. Pastel Souls exemplifies how art can be a love language, reaching out to touch hearts across communities.

In a world often clouded by challenges and hardships, Zoya’s approach shines a light on the unique power of creativity and empathy. Her journey exemplifies how art can transcend traditional boundaries of engagement, turning every brushstroke into hope and every color into change. As we delve into the heart of this transformative movement, it becomes evident that Zoya’s work is not just about getting civically engaged; it’s about redefining the essence of giving through the universal language of art.

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A Canvas of Compassion: Pastel Souls at a Glance

Founded by the visionary Zoya Eshwar, Pastel Souls is a youth-driven outreach program that harnesses the power of art to spread joy, creativity and support. Targeting diverse groups like seniors in memory care, veterans, children with special needs and survivors of abuse and homelessness, this organization has become a beacon of hope and inclusivity.

Pastel Souls began as a small group of five children and has blossomed into a robust family of more than 100 volunteers, partnering with 25 charity groups. “Our exponential growth is a testament to our mission,” Zoya shares with pride. “From art donations to organizing fundraising activities, our journey has been a vibrant tapestry of making a difference.”

Image courtesy Zoya Eshwar

The Heartbeat: Art Workshops

At the core of Pastel Souls are the art workshops, described by Zoya as “therapeutic sanctuaries.” These sessions offer more than just art; they are avenues for emotional healing, self-expression and growth. “These workshops hold a significant place in my heart,” Zoya reflects, her achievements, including the President’s Volunteer Service Award and setting two world records, mirroring the organization’s commitment.

“As of now, we have successfully organized 49 community art projects,” Zoya says, “and the true heroes behind this remarkable journey are the young individuals who share our passion for a more vibrant and compassionate world.”

Current Initiatives: The Unity Project

“The ‘Unity Project’ is our latest initiative, bringing together our volunteers to create art that’s donated to those in need,” Zoya explains. This project not only showcases the unity and creativity of volunteers but also significantly impacts the community, embodying the belief in the transformative power of art.

“The ‘Unity Project’ embodies our belief in the transformative power of art and the significance of unity in making a meaningful difference,” Zoya shares. “It’s a testament to the strength of our volunteers’ dedication and their commitment to spreading colors and joy in the lives of those who need it most.”

Impact by the Numbers

Over five years, Pastel Souls has made a measurable impact:

  • Artwork Donations: More than1,500 pieces donated.
  • Fundraising: Raised more than $10,000 for local nonprofits.
  • Art Supply Drives: Distributed 400+ art kits.
  • Book Drives: Collected 2,000+ books.
  • Volunteer Growth: From 5 to 100+ dedicated individuals.
  • Partnerships: Collaborated with 25 different groups.
  • Community Art Projects: Successfully organized 49 projects.

Recognizing Volunteers: Awards and Social Media Spotlights

Volunteers with Pastel Souls are celebrated with certificates, awards and social media recognition, underlining their invaluable contributions. “These volunteers wholeheartedly contribute their time, resources and in-kind donations to advance our cause,” Zoya says. “Together, we create a world where compassion and creativity go hand in hand.”

Image courtesy Zoya Eshwar

A Tapestry of Love and Art

For those seeking to get involved in their communities through volunteering, Zoya advises, “Start with your passion and find a cause that resonates with you. There’s no age limit for making a positive impact.” She emphasizes the importance of collaboration, saying, “Engaging with local community organizations or volunteering groups can amplify your impact and provide you with valuable resources and support. Working together with others who are passionate about the same cause can make a significant difference.”

“Lastly, don’t be discouraged by the scale of the task,” Zoya shares. “Civic engagement often involves small steps that, when taken collectively, lead to meaningful change. Every effort, no matter how modest, contributes to the betterment of your community. Stay persistent and focused on your goals, and remember that even a single act of kindness or civic participation can have a ripple effect in creating a more compassionate and vibrant community.”

Pastel Souls reminds us that love can be expressed in myriad ways, with art being a profound medium. Zoya Eshwar’s journey and the accomplishments of Pastel Souls not only set trends in volunteerism and social impact but also paint a picture of a world where compassion and creativity walk hand in hand.

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