Points of Light Leadership Transition Planned in 2017

ATLANTA| Jan 3, 2017

After more than 20 years in local and national roles, Points of Light Chief Executive Officer Tracy Hoover announced today that she will step down in 2017.

Hoover is making this announcement now to provide sufficient time for a transition period while the Points of Light Board of Directors engages in an executive search. The board expressed its gratitude for Hoover’s leadership.

“Tracy’s deep personal belief in the power of individuals to make a difference in their communities has been a guiding light in the volunteer service sector that has experienced rapid change and growth over the last 20 years,” said Neil Bush, Chairman of the Points of Light Board of Directors. “She has been a steward of the Points of Light legacy while ensuring the organization remains innovative and a leader in field.”

Hoover joined HandsOn Atlanta in 1995 and was CEO of the local organization when the HandsOn Network merged with Points of Light Foundation in 2007.  She has led Points of Light since 2013 and will remain in her role through the executive search and transition. Serving in multiple leadership roles, Hoover has made a lasting impact on the strategic direction and growth of the organization.

“Leading Points of Light has been an enormous privilege and truly one of the great joys in my life,” said Hoover. “The unifying power of volunteering and service – the acts and the ideals – have never been more important and our vision that every person on the planet will find and deploy their power to make a difference has never seemed more possible. Today, Points of Light has helped grow a global service movement that is strong and dynamic. I’m proud of all we’ve accomplished and feel the time is right for me to start a new chapter and for the organization to have an infusion of new ideas and fresh perspective that comes with new leadership.”


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