Why We Need More Than Volunteering: A Primer for CSR Leaders

An Interactive Webinar Held May 16, 2023

Corporate volunteer programs have long been essential to how businesses connect with their communities. But creating sustainable change takes more than volunteering. That’s why Points of Light developed the Civic Circle®, a framework that empowers each of us to lead, lend support and take action for causes we care about.

This session is one that companies can offer to new hires, ERG leaders, employees and other stakeholders to learn how it can help educate and mobilize employees to become more civically engaged.

Key takeaways:

  1. Creating sustainable community change takes more than corporate volunteer programs. Companies can educate and mobilize their employees on a wide variety of civic engagement actions, and Points of Light’s Civic Circle® can get you started.
  2. Change is not about you, as an individual, doing everything. It’s about the collective power of your action, combined with your neighbor’s action, and so on. It is through a combination of civic actions that change becomes not only more impactful, but also that change happens more quickly.
  3. Listening and learning is the foundation of all civic actions – to respond in the way our communities need, we must first understand the root causes and recommended solutions.
  4. Civic engagement is not about everyone doing the same thing or supporting something in the same ways. It’s where your passions, interests, and skills connect with what your community, or the issue you care about, requires.

If you’d like to learn more about evolving your social impact and employee engagement programs to include more forms of civic engagement, please complete the form on this page and mention Civic Circle.