Share your gifts – and your light – with the world

Please record a short (30-45 second) video responding to the prompt below. The Call to Unite will be compiling a video featuring their incredible talent to help promote the event on social media, and they would love for you to share the video with your followers per the social media calendar in the next section.

Please record your video horizontally and send it to [email protected] at your earliest convenience.

  • Who has made a difference for you by answering the call at this difficult time? Offer a “gift” to the world (a song, dance, meditation, prayer, lesson, reading, etc) inspired by that person.
    • Ex: “My mother is listening to me, talking me through my anxiety. So I want to sing the song that she used to rock me to sleep with. Join me at The Call to Unite on May 1st at 8pm EDT to see how people across the world are answering the call and learn how you can answer the call too.

Thursday, April 30 (Post-it note w/ #answerthecall)

  • Facebook / Instagram / Twitter:
    • Write on a post-it note: “I’ve been feeling _____. I’m answering the call by dancing/singing/praying/serving/etc. Join me! #answerthecall @thecalltounite @PointsofLight” 

Friday, May 1 (Final Call)

  • Facebook / Instagram Stories:
    • “Hi it’s [Name]! I wanted to let you know that I’m participating this weekend in a global event called @TheCallToUnite with @PointsofLight. It will be 24 inspiring hours of song, dance, meditation, prayer and much more. I hope you’ll join us and #answerthecall too. Swipe up to watch. I’ll see you there!” (+ swipe up link to website: )

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