Aaron Hurst

Daily Point of Light # 4629 Jun 21, 2013

Aaron Hurst has changed business and nonprofit culture for more than a decade. A leader in the nonprofit arena since 16, Aaron has dedicated himself to challenging and empowering each of us to use the power of pro bono to drive social, environmental and economic progress. He is the founder of the Taproot Foundation – a nonprofit recognized as a leader in the pro bono global service movement – and part of the early creative force behind A Billion + Change.

At Taproot, Aaron is known for his striped socks, Post-it® doodlings, and endless supply of bold ideas. Most know him for his tremendous leadership and keen thinking. Aaron is highly regarded as a thought-leader in civic engagement, nonprofit management and corporate social responsibility. He has been recognized as a leading social innovator by the NonProfit Times, Aspen Institute, Social Venture Network, Fast Company, Commonwealth Club, the Manhattan Institute, the State of California, and the Alliance for Nonprofit Management. He has also co-authored the children’s book “Mommy and Daddy Do It Pro Bono” with his wife, Kara Hurst.

Aaron is an inspiration to us all and helping thousands of others shine their light upon the challenges of our time.

Dev Staff