Daily Point of Light # 3712 Apr 25, 2008

Aligning primarily and perfectly with the President’s Summit for America’s Future goal of “An opportunity to give back to their communities through their own service,” Active 20-30 also addresses every other Summit goal by providing caring adults acting as mentors, tutors and friends to children worldwide; providing safe places with structured activities in which to learn and grow; providing a healthy start; and providing an effective education that equips them with a marketable skill.

Few American-based organizations can equal the 85 years of positive impact that this organization has had on children throughout the United States and the entire world. Hundreds of millions of children have benefited from the generosity and hard work of the young professional members of Active 20-30. Since the first Active 20-30 Club formed in 1922 in Sacramento, CA, Active 20-30 has grown to be replicated to 112 Chapters worldwide in eleven countries.

Proudly promoting their motto daily that, “One never stands so tall as when kneeling to help a child," Active 20-30 USA-Canada and Active 20-30 International has inspired millions of diverse, 20-39 year-olds to “Make a Difference,” in their community through volunteerism, fundraising, and acting as positive examples and role models for younger people.

Worldwide, the Active 20-30 organization has implemented over 150,000 hours annually of community service and volunteerism supporting children’s charities and schools, raising at least $14.2 Million through various fundraising efforts and events, benefitting over 100,000 children each year. In total and over 85 years, Active 20-30 has raised and donated over $400 million and 9 million hours of service benefitting over 1.5 million children around the globe!

Among the thousands of organizations that benefit annually from Active 20-30 USA and Active 20-30 International include Boys & Girls Clubs of America, Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, Hurricane Katrina Relief, American Red Cross, United Way of America, Big Brothers & Big Sisters of America, Junior Achievement, United Cerebral Palsy, Easter Seals, Muscular Dystrophy, Jumpstart and Headstart Preschool programs, Child Abuse Prevention Council, American Cancer Society and various children’s hospitals and after-school programs.

Just in 2007, Active 20-30 USA & Canada Clubs have raised and provided funding, clothing and volunteerism support to the victims of the devastating forest fires of Lake Tahoe, raised funds and completed infrastructure improvements to Boys & Girls Clubs in Louisiana, hosted the national Active 20-30 Club convention in New Orleans for the sole purpose of supporting businesses and providing an economic boost for the beleaguered City, among many other projects and programs. Clubs nationwide have also volunteered their time this year to equip and construct playgrounds, implement “Shopping Sprees” that provide at-risk and low-income children with school supplies and clothing, mentored students, implemented various fundraising events, and delivered money and medical aid to international organizations, and hundreds of other benevolent programs. Active 20-30 International is a leading fundraising organization throughout Latin and South America, hosting international telethons that are featured on state-sponsored television and radio stations, as well as implement smaller fundraisers and hands-on programs that benefit Latin children’s charities and aid organizations.

Active 20-30 USA and Active 20-30 International are volunteer service organizations of members from 20-39 years of age, who through constant community service and implementation of fundraising activities; donate hundreds of thousands of dollars and direct, “hands-on” volunteerism hours to programs, charities, schools and activities that benefit children. Their motto, “Youth, to be served, must serve,” symbolizes the way in which these professional twenty and thirty something’s impact the younger generation, instilling a sense of generosity, pride and benevolence in both the giver and the recipient The skills gained and friendships created through Active 20-30 have also greatly enhanced and nurtured the abilities of young professionals – who have gone on to become civic and business leaders worldwide. Offering many professional and personal development practices, the Active 20-30 USA & Active 20-30 International, provides young adults with an opportunity for personal growth, friendship and leadership development, while still ultimately enhancing their local communities by improving the quality of life for children.

Active 20-30 counts among their many, well-respected past members including former-President Richard Nixon, California Governor Pete Wilson, late-Congressman Robert Matsui, Barry Goldwater, Supreme Court Justice Anthony Kennedy, and many others. The Active 20-30 organization develops members through instruction and example, into more responsible and serviceable citizens. Their dedication to children creates in them a desire to participate actively in civic and welfare work in their respective communities for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, Active 20-30 USA and Active 20-30 International has positively impacted not only the lives of the children who benefited from the organizations' compassion and generosity in the last 85 years; our communities and thousands of communities worldwide have also benefited from Active 20-30’s development and growth of thousands of positive, effective and professional leaders nationally and internationally for over 85 years.

At a time when more-and-more young people are becoming disenfranchised and discouraged by world and political events, feeling powerless to change their communities for the better, Active 20-30 members provide children with positive, young, diverse role-models after which they may imitate, and optimistic leaders after which they may follow.