Amanda Quintos

Daily Point of Light # 3711 Apr 24, 2008

Amanda Quintos service activities include, but are not limited to, babysitting, assistance in her school's Liturgy Committee as well as in her own parish, active participation in school fundraisers, tutoring, a conservable investment of time and energy in school productions and promotion of the Performing Arts program, and diligence in providing support where the need may arise, such as in school, at church, at home, or in the community.

Amanda has been involved in the aforementioned service activities for the past six years and has addressed the needs and concerns of individuals and organizations alike by offering her services as a tutor for French students, babysitting, and displaying leadership qualities and active involvement in extracurricular activities and clubs of which she is a part. Through her ongoing efforts, the nominee constantly offers the recipients of her services the means to achieve a solution to their problems.

In addition, Amanda reaches out to the community and to those who are isolated from it in a compassionate and understanding manner. Her acts of community service have had lasting positive impacts on the recipients. Those who are tutored by her state that the material has become easier to understand after a short period of time.

It is apparent that the Amanda's varied services are effective, unique and hands-on approaches to alleviating burdens within the academic environment, the church, and the community.