Daily Point of Light # 2350 Feb 5, 2003

Alan Donn, his wife Dorothy, and his parents Ruth and Ray, are the organizers of a combined team of AT&T and IBM’ers in Tampa, Florida, for the annual Florida Coastal Cleanup. The Florida Coastal Cleanup is part of the International Coastal Cleanup held worldwide on the same day. The goal is to rid shorelines and oceans of trash and debris. Starting with 25 volunteers in 1993, the Donn Family has increased the participation to 97 volunteers in 2001. Through their efforts land that was previously a dumping ground has been transformed into a pristine area which the Southwest Florida Water Management District is developing into a new Tampa Park to be enjoyed by everyone this year. Dorothy Holle-Donn, Ray and Ruth Donn work with Al to get both groups the necessary materials, such as posters, gloves, trash bags, forms for items collected, t-shirts, etc. to the two sites. The annual event planning includes many AT&T and IBM families. An itemized list of what was collected is kept by each volunteer group. These lists have been used to get valuable legislation enacted. Unwanted beach debris is a constant concern especially since with Florida’s long coastline. This is a problem for the wildlife and the public. Tourism is one of Florida’s main industries. The Donn family and their volunteers are assisting with the local economy to keep Florida beautiful. Local storms that leave behind debris to wash up on Florida’s shores as well as people not disposing of their trash properly, cause health and safety hazards to both humans and wildlife, such as fish, birds, turtles, etc. In 2001, AT&T employees chose this project as one of five “AT&T Champions of the Environment” program winners. With this award came $1000, which was donated to Keep Hillsborough County Beautiful, a not-for-profit organization. Application for an AT&T CARES grant has been made. The Donn family has seen many children over the years become ecologically involved. These children were introduced, at an early age, to beach cleanup through this annual event. Through their school years, they continued to volunteer to help in preserving our environment. It has also been a wonderful opportunity for families to work together and teach public responsibility. Al and his wife volunteer their time with children, even though they do not have children of their won, at the National Teach-In, and work also with disabled children. Al and Dorothy also work with the local Sierra Club. The local AT&T Poineers Club of Tampa continues to support the Annual Florida Coastal Cleanup because of Al Donn and his family. We know it is a very worthwhile project.

Dev Staff