Daily Point of Light # 2351 Feb 6, 2003

Each year in the community of St. George, Utah, heads of community agencies sponsor a community meeting at which social problems and needs are addressed. At this time, residents have an opportunity to voice their opinions. From the community meeting in 2000, it was determined that there was a need for a transportation system in St. George that everyone could utilize. The Dixie Area Rapid Transit (DART) system began this project with a start-up grant, but there was no money for bus shelters. This system was created to help all, but particularly handicapped individuals, youth, senior citizens and lower income workers that needed transportation to their places of employment. Traci Hafen was serving as the co-president of the Youth Volunteer Corps (YVC). As a part of the Youth Engaged In Service Olympic Legacy Project, Hafen committed the youth to build the 18 to 20 bus shelters needed for the DART system. Hafen attended transportation meetings, engaged the high school vocational tech class to design bus shelters and presented the final designs to the City Council. Youth then became involved in several construction sites over the summer. She then rode the bus routes with several other YVC board members to determine appropriate bus shelter sites. Hafen has demonstrated leadership and commitment to the goals of this project. In addition she has shown her ability to recruit others and mobilize them to catch a glimpse of her vision.