Alex Ball

Daily Point of Light # 4711 Feb 28, 2012

Since 2005, Alex Ball has led service trips to Peru and Costa Rica, promoting service and youth engagement. He has worked with local communities and regional governments to improve rural sanitation and build infrastructure for sustainable economic development.
In 2009, Alex developed and implemented a project that brought electricity to the impoverished village of Socma, Peru. While working in these communities, Alex realized how many girls failed to attend secondary school because it was too far to walk. To ratify this problem, Alex founded the Sacred Valley Project to increase access to education for these girls. The Sacred Valley Project offers them a chance to attend high school by providing a safe, supportive place for them to live as they attend school.
The Sacred Valley Project has already given a real educational opportunity to twelve girls of the most impoverished part of Peru. These girls would have ended their education in the sixth grade and many would become pregnant by the time they were eighteen. Alex’s plan is to continue to grow and replicate the project, providing the opportunity for thousands of girls to become indigenous leaders who generate positive growth and economic development for their families and communities. The project has already provided hundreds of volunteer opportunities to students and adults around the globe.
Without a secondary education, the girls of the Sacred Valley are unable to overcome the cycle of intergenerational poverty. Without intellectual capital, these girls are unable to develop the skills necessary to become confident, empowered women capable of leading their communities. Having access to the right resources and a supportive environment in which to pursue their studies will have a positive impact on the girls of the Sacred Valley, as well as on the communities they come from. This is what makes Alex a Daily Point of Light.