Daily Point of Light # 2987 Jul 18, 2005

Every once in a while in life, you cross the path of an individual that just seems to stand out. I have had the opportunity to cross paths with a young lady that fits perfectly into the “stand out” description. For several times I have seen her and each time it has left me in amazement. Many teenagers today have little or no respect for their community and in fact sit around waiting for handouts.

During the weekend of September 17th, the town of Ligonier, along with many other communities of Western Pennsylvania were fighting floods as a result of the hurricane. Alex walked up to a fire truck, pulled down hoses, threw them over her shoulder and turned and walked away as if it was a normal everyday activity. I sat and watched in awe for quite some time as she went from house to house working right along side the other volunteer firemen helping the flood victims. Before long, I heard several people talking and everyone was curious to know who she was and unfortunately I stood in silence.

Recently, I was among a group of people that were helping to locate a local woman that was missing. Once again I crossed the path of this young lady. I heard through the grapevine that she had volunteered many hours with the search and rescue mission.

Alex is very active, from being involved with the girls’ soccer team to being a member of the Blue Grass Committee to volunteering time as a junior firefighter. She attended firefighting school at St. Vincent and has been volunteering for a year and a half. Alex says that she has been to a lot of calls in her tenure as a volunteer firefighter.