Daily Point of Light # 2988 Jul 19, 2005

The leadership of Mr. Jay Lapham manifests itself in his quiet and steadfast commitment to keeping our children protected. Through his dedication and leadership skills, Jay Lapham tirelessly works on community, state, and national levels to develop and promote programs that hold child abusers criminally responsible for their actions. As part of Mr. Lapham’s dedication to the children of his community, he has donated over 2,000 hours developing and implementing quality training programs in partnership with other community agencies to train professionals in the prevention, investigations, and prosecution of child abuse. All of Mr. Lapham’s time devoted to providing outstanding leadership to community agencies has been as a volunteer.

Mr. Lapham began his journey as an outstanding leader in issues related to children in 1996 by assisting the local children’s hospital in its efforts to teach others about the dangers of those who prey on children. He continued his efforts throughout 1997 by partnering with Tarrant County College to provide leadership in developing a training program for social workers, police, and medical personnel. In 2000, Mr. Lapham joined the Shaken Baby Alliance as a Board member of the agency. Thus began a formidable record of developing and teaching in the Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma and SIDS Regional Training Institute and the Serious Physical Child Abuse and SIDS Program. These nationally recognized programs have resulted in the training of over 15,000 Texas professionals dedicated to protecting our children.

This list includes seminars and conferences where Mr. Lapham has volunteered as a lecturer-trainer, and provided leadership and direction in the development of the training program:

The prosecution of Child Abuse Cases 2002-A Workshop for Child Abuse Professionals-sponsored by the Texas Children’s Justice Act Project and TDPRS Austin, TX (07/02)

Shaken Baby Syndrome/Abusive Head Trauma & SIDS Regional Training Institutes: Paris, TX (07/04); Killeen, TX (06/04); Brownwood, TX (06/04); Lubbock, TX (08/03); Harlingen, TX (07/03); Abilene, TX (07/03); Corpus Christi, TX (06/03); Galveston, TX (05/03); Marshall, TX (04/03); Denton, TX (01/03)

Serious Physical Child Abuse and SIDS Advanced Investigation Training, Fort Worth, TX (12/04, 07/04, 06/04, 04/04, 02/03, 01/03); Austin, TX (01/04)

New Mexico Multi-Disciplinary Conference on Serious Physical Child Abuse (03/03, 11/04)

Florida Conference Serious Physical Child Abuse (03/04)

“Offense to Prosecution” Serious Physical Child Abuse-Second Annual Starfish Conference (03/04)

3rd Annual Child Victims: Interventions and Investigations-Bastrop, TX (07/04)

The Alaska Maltreatment Conference-“Translating Ideas into Action” Anchorage, AK (10/04)

Mr. Jay Lapham is an outstanding choice for the Daily Points of Light Award for his outstanding leadership skills in developing quality training programs that provide professionals with the tools they need to prevent child abuse and seek criminal prosecution of those who dare to hurt our Texas children. His leadership and willingness to donate countless hours of his personal time have no doubt led to the prevention of child abuse to our littlest Texas citizens.