Daily Point of Light # 1905 May 23, 2001

Alexis Kusy is a sophomore at the Academy of the Holy Angels in Demarest, New Jersey. She is also enrolled in the Yamaha Music Center in Paramus, New Jersey. Alexis has been involved with the art of music since the age of three and enjoys sharing and making music.

Alexis has brought many opportunities of community service to her music class that will benefit charities as well as churches and school. She has utilized her strong repertoire and musical prowess to play at events for The Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation as well as Big Brothers Big Sisters. Alexis has never said no to any charity who has requested her music.

In 1999, Alexis created an intergeneration singing group entitled JOY – Joining Old and Young. They reach out to senior care centers offering comfort and happiness through music. This endeavor helps her and others in the group stay connected with the seniors who face isolation in the larger community. Alexis believes that music strikes a deep emotional chord, communicating when words are not able to do so.

Alexis uses every opportunity to give her talents as service to others. She was selected to perform at Yamaha’s National Junior Original Concert, Celebration 2000 and dedicated her performance to Operation Smile. She believes the greatest gift she possesses is her smile, and she set her goal at 750 dollars, which is the cost of one operation to correct a cleft palette that would keep a child from being thrown in a garbage heap in China. While Alexis was preparing for her national concert, she pursued ticket distribution and activities to benefit Operation Smile. She raised over 1,200 dollars for the organization and was happy to help a few more children face the world with a smile.

Alexis tries to develop innovative approaches to solving problems. While working with JOY, she encourages other students to join and share their talents to help others. While working with JOY, Alexis accepts donations for Operation Smile. This continues to join the young and the old. She lets others know they can use their love of music as a venue for community service. With JOY, Alexis makes house calls to shut-ins and others in need.

Though Alexis is 15 years old, she shows initiative and the genuine concern for her community. She uses her musical talent to bring together the youth of the community and the mature that sometimes feel forgotten. Alexis is a Young Ambassador and will be representing as the same at Princeton University where Operation Smile will be holding their World Conference this summer.