All Care Hospice Volunteers

Daily Point of Light # 4833 Aug 16, 2012

All Care Hospice Volunteers provide companionship to hospice patients and their families at the end of life. They keep patients company, allowing them to talk about their lives, journal, play an instrument, or partake in singing. Pet therapy volunteers also bring joy to animal-loving patients. Volunteers provide respite, which allows caregivers a chance to accomplish everyday goals and gives them a much needed break.
These volunteers have true compassion for the dying. They recognize the importance of a pain free and therapeutic end of life experience. This is truly a bonding experience between one human being and another. The volunteers also serve as a wonderful community resource for hospice education.

Hospice is a a way to affirm life and not focus on death. Volunteers make the commitment to a six week training in which they learn about hospice, the team and their role as part of that team. They then commit to being with one, and some have as many as three, patients for the duration of their time on hospice. They have incredible stories and their heart and dedication is astounding.