Donna Scott

Daily Point of Light # 4834 Aug 17, 2012

More than twenty thousand students in the Portland Public school district are living in poverty. When they show up to school with empty hands they arrive at empty desks. Teachers spend an average of $1,700 out of pocket every year to get necessary learning supplies to their students. Donna Scott helps teachers that come to the Free Store get these supplies back to their classrooms.

Scott volunteers multiple times a week to greet and assist shoppers at the Free Store for Teachers. She also picks up donated supplies from local organizations, tallies and sorts donations, goes and talks about organization at events and brings candy and treats for the teachers.

Scott has helped hundreds of teachers and thousands of local students. She has joined in the belief that all youth deserve the tools needed to succeed in school regardless of their economic background. With the help of Scott and others like her, more than $15.4 million worth of school supplies have been donated to local classrooms.