Daily Point of Light # 1939 Jul 10, 2001

Can anything good come of a tragedy? According to Alton Beck, it can. Since his son was killed in an automobile accident, Beck has been volunteering in the school program at the Slate Canyon Youth Center and on the Advisory Board, helping to make important decisions concerning the future of Youth Correction programs. Beck’s son had been in the “system” and he saw that many people viewed these youth as worthless but Beck saw them as someone’s son or daughter and he was determined to make a difference. Since 1993 Beck has helped every week at the Youth Center with testing, school work or with whatever is needed. He averages approximately 60 hours monthly in volunteer service.

Beck likes to interview each youth and tries to instill in them that they are of worth and provides encouragement for change for the better. With every interview, he understands a little more of what his son was going through.

Some people have tried to have Beck serve in other capacities, but if it takes him away from direct contact with youth, he declines. His mind is made up to be a source of support for the youth. He has initiated different ways to interact with youth in the classroom. He has managed to lift their self-esteem by helping youth discover for themselves what they want out of life and just by taking the time to listen.

Beck has lost two out of four children and he knows the depths of despair but he has chosen to turn his loss into something meaningful by working to give hope to youth.