Daily Point of Light # 1938 Jul 9, 2001

Jerry Robertson is an important and vital volunteer for the chapter of the American Red Cross in Lee County, Alabama. He is trained as a disaster relief worker and responds not only to people in Lee County who may experience a fire or other disaster, but is registered to respond with the American Red Cross nationally if the need arises.

In February 1999, Robertson was part of a team that responded to severe windstorms in the Birmingham, Alabama area. Just the week before Christmas 2000, Robertson once again answered the call and at an hour’s notice was deployed to Tuscaloosa, Alabama to help get survivors of horrific tornadoes back on the road to recovery. He stayed three weeks on that assignment, selflessly giving up being home for the holidays with his family to help those in need.

While on assignment for the Red Cross, Robertson helps to open and operate shelters, assess damage, and assist with mass feeding. Robertson is also trained and qualified to drive Red Cross ERV’s (Emergency Response Vehicles). These vehicles travel into severely damaged areas where residents often would starve, as they are unable to get out to get food.

In addition to his involvement with the American Red Cross, Robertson is very active with his church and also with a county wide feeding program. He not only runs his own food pantry, but also helps other churches set up and operate food pantries all over the county.

Robertson is truly concerned for his fellow citizen and cannot rest if he knows of someone in need. He and his wife, Debra, take underprivileged children into their home and hearts on many occasions. Robertson is also a volunteer for a Red Cross utility assistance program that helps pay heating and cooling bills for the elderly and disabled.