Daily Point of Light # 1937 Jul 6, 2001

The Fort George G. Meade Partners in Education Program functions as a link between Fort Meade, the schools, the students, and the community in order to provide maximum support to improve academic achievement by raising academic standards, supporting high-quality teacher professional development, expanding the use of computers and technology in classrooms, and increasing parental and community involvement in education.

The partners are the 12 schools in the Meade High School Feeder System and their adopting military units and organizations. The program focuses on providing all young people with the minimum requirements they need to grow up to be self-supporting and contributing members of our society. The goal is to provide voluntary educational related assistance to more than 78,000 students in the feeder system to enhance the quality of educational programs and expand their learning experiences. Program components were developed to meet local needs. Activities range from tutoring in the academic arena, to enrichment, prevention, career connections, special interest, support and social programs. This partnership improves the school effectiveness by connecting with the military community and drawing on each other’s strengths.

Military role models from the Army, Marines, Navy, Air Force, Coast Guard, and Department of Defense Civilians participate in this program. Mentoring services are provided on either a one-on-one team mentoring basis, for the purpose of facilitating the at risk students’ social, personal and educational growth in order for them to become productive, contributing members of their respective communities and to society as a whole. Tutoring is provided for each student in his or her particular area of curriculum need to include problem solving, critical thinking, research skills, technology, team building, and communication. The objectives of the program are directly consistent with the Schools Improvement Plans with respect to improving school attendance, academic performance, grades, reducing disciplinary referrals and reducing the overall dropout rate.

In addition to the mentoring and tutoring programs, the Partners in Education Program also provides programs such as Teen Job Fair, Recycling Programs, Science Fair Judging, Junior Achievement Life Skills Program, Run For Your Life Fitness Program, Writing/Reading Contests, Young Astronauts Program, Cycling Across Maryland, and Multicultural Activities.

The Fort Meade Partners In Education Program challenges and engages youth with opportunities through constructive character building activities and by having high expectations of them. The program averages 250 volunteers per month providing approximately 6,390 hours of volunteerism each year.