Daily Point of Light # 3019 Aug 31, 2005

Alysmae Schultz is a retired schoolteacher who is dedicated to helping students achieve their educational goals by tutoring them in reading and mathematics. In addition to tutoring students, she also assists other tutors by providing information as to resources available and assisting them in formulating lesson plans. She expended 70 hours to date this school year. She is currently a volunteer in the Pathways Program, which provides outside assistance to children who are home-schooled.

Alysmae also volunteers as the Pahrump Community Library and has been a secretary and member of the Friends of the Library for several years. She assists in filing returned books, locating documents and elsewhere as needed. Alysmae works one day each week at the library, generally spending from 10-20 hours each month. Currently, Alysmae is tutoring a man in his fifties, who had a stroke, with his reading. She spends from 3-9 hours each month with him.

She is dedicated in her volunteering and is remarkable in that she is 88 years old and could retire and let others do what she is doing, but she continues to make a valuable contribution to the community. Her dedication to volunteering had made a difference to the people with whom she has been in contact by fostering an interest in education and volunteerism.