Andrea Walker

Daily Point of Light # 3911 Jan 29, 2009

Andrea Walker has been a dedicated member of the Special Olympics Georgia family for more than a year. She first volunteered for the State Fall Games in 2007. She wanted to become a volunteer and saw that the Fall Games needed help. Andrea traveled from Atlanta to Albany, GA to get to the games. Andrea also recruited her parents to volunteer.

Andrea and her parents, Steve and Carolyne Walker, were assigned to volunteer at the sport of Bocce, one of Special Olympics Georgia's largest sports. This occurs all three days of the games and Andrea volunteered both Friday and Saturday.

Andrea was scheduled to volunteer Saturday morning for about five hours. Bocce is scheduled from early morning to approximately 9:00 pm on Saturday, and it needs at least sixty volunteers throughout the day. When the evening shift came around, the group was short of volunteers. Andrea decided she wanted to stay for a longer time at Bocce because help was needed. Her parents also continued to volunteer. Andrea ended up serving for twelve hours during that one day.

Since the Fall Games, Andrea has been active in almost all of Special Olympics Georgia's events. She once again volunteered for the State Indoor Winter Games in January of 2008. Not only did she volunteer at their assignments, but Andrea stepped in to help at one of the bowling venues when she saw things getting a bit hectic. Andrea helped to rally the volunteers and made the necessary calls to have the venue running smoothly.

Andrea has also been an active and energetic member of the 2008 Duck Derby Committee. She helped to sell many ducks at various businesses and festivals and was there at the 2008 Duck Derby to help support the staff and sold even more ducks. Andrea has also recruited several of her friends for 50/50 raffles to sell at baseball and hockey games to benefit Special Olympics Georgia.

Andrea also stepped up her role at the 2008 State Summer Games and was a volunteer coordinator for aquatics, one of the largest and longest events. Andrea volunteered for all the days of the Games. She organized and coordinated the volunteers.

Andrea has truly shown what it means to go above and beyond. She has proven many times that "ordinary" people can truly be exceptional! Andrea is dedicated and reliable, and these are not characteristics that all people embody. Andrea "sticks out" because of her dedication and determination to serve. Special Olympics Georgia is glad and honored that Andrea Walker made the decision to become a volunteer.