St. Peter’s Evangelical Lutheran Church in Mission for Christ

Daily Point of Light # 3910 Jan 28, 2009

Saint Peter’s Lutheran Church was established in 1843 and soon after, the first school was built. St. Peter’s School has grown from a one-room schoolhouse to a modern school that educates approximately 100 students in pre-kindergarten through grade eight each year. St. Peter’s serves several school districts and local Native Americans. St. Peter’s is a parochial school that relies mainly on church donations and competitive, low-cost tuition, to meet all of its instructional and operational costs and expenses.

Saint Peter’s School provides a high quality alternative to public school. In addition to learning mathematics, science, social studies, reading, art and music, students also learn about religion. The religion classes include some of the basic teachings and morals of Christianity, which include respect for all people and helping people who are in need or less fortunate. Each year, students participate in a variety of service projects including donating canned goods to the local food pantry, assembling care packages for military men and women serving overseas and sponsoring a child in a third-world country. Students and church members work collaboratively on other projects such as collecting gifts for needy families at Christmas.

Throughout the years St. Peter’s School has graduated many successful alumni who have made a positive difference in their communities. They received an outstanding education that provided a solid foundation for high education in high school, college and beyond. In addition to excelling in their chosen fields, alumni also given back to the community who are sick or injured. Many alumni are leaders in the church and directly involved in the service projects at school. Many alumni have chosen to send their children to St. Peter’s School because students learn to be well-rounded individuals who do well in school, and become productive citizens who contribute to society.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church and School continue to be pillars of faith and education in the community while many other local parochial schools have close. St. Peter’s Lutheran Church members’ sponsorship and funding of the school helps to make tuition affordable, offer scholarships, provide upkeep and care for the buildings and grounds, and pay for the instructional and operational expenses.

St. Peter’s Lutheran Church continues to sponsor a school that provides a quality Christian education for over 160 years and continues to be a center of academic excellence and it teaches students to be aware of people in need of help. St. Peter’s encourages students to use problem-solving skills and then take action to make the world a better place.