Penny Henderson

Daily Point of Light # 3909 Jan 27, 2009

Penny Henderson is an extremely valuable volunteer in the United States Army Garrison-Yongsan (USAG-Yongsan) community. She began volunteering for the Army Community Service (ACS) Center in May 2008 and volunteered in other organizations in the community since August 2007.

From August 2007 through June 2008, Penny served as the Reservations Chairperson for the American Forces’ Spouses’ Club (AFSC). Her organizational skills, positive attitude and work ethic helped make the 2007-2008 Board Year for AFSC one of the best in recent history. During that time period, Penny volunteered an average of 30 hours a week for a total of 1,200 hours. Penny also volunteered her time at the Chosun Gift Shop (CGS) which is the fundraising arm for the AFSC. The profits from the CGS helped fund charitable organizations across the military community in Seoul as well as in the Republic of Korea. The CGS donated more than $500,000 dollars last year to both American and Korean charities. Penny sacrificed most of her Saturdays to volunteer for the AFSC and the CGS which generated money to donate to charity.

In May 2008, Penny saw another need in the community which she was uniquely qualified to fill. The Army Community Service Center (ACS) manages the appointments for the Korean Immigration officials which visit the Yongsan community twice a month. Penny volunteered to become the A3 Visa and SOFA (Status of Forces Agreement) assistant. In this role, Penny managed an average of 100 clients each week to coordinate and administer the appointments for the Korean Immigration officials. She volunteered an average of 50 hours a week for a total of 1,400 hours in a short seven month time period. In this role, she conducted pre-screening of client’s paperwork to ensure they had the necessary information and documentation required by the Korean Immigration Officials. Penny was able to explain the process in such a way and in such a manner to relieve the stress and frustration of the customers and create a positive and productive environment for clients to obtain the necessary documentation for living in South Korea.