Daily Point of Light # 2313 Dec 16, 2002

Angela Phillips had been volunteering an average of 60 hours monthly at New Smyrna Beach Middle School for the past three years. She started volunteering to work in the morning school store and afternoon school snack shop when she was in the 6th grade. She managed two businesses on campus and has learned excellent business and communication skills.

The concept of a school store has existed for many years, but under Angela’s direction and inspiration the pencils and paper were expanded to a variety of school supplies, gift items, juice, snacks and food. In the afternoon, students who stay until 5:30 for after-school programs and tutoring can now purchase pizza, hamburgers, chicken nuggets, cookies and hot apple pies. While there was also a small newspaper column existing, Angela expanded the traditional reporting of facts to include color photos and feature “spotlights” on students and clubs.

Angela was responsible for training new student volunteer workers, setting up the work schedule for other staffers for the week, maintaining the inventory stock, reordering supplies and overseeing the operations of the businesses on opposite ends of the campus. In addition, Angela wrote the Middle School News each week for the local newspaper, The Observer. She has played a significant role in transforming the community’s opinion and understanding of middle school by reporting the many positive things that take place. Angela spent many hours working in The School Museum, a new concept, which she has worked hard to establish during her time at New Smyrna Beach Middle School. Working with the local Audubon Club, she worked to establish an active Jr. Audubon Club.

Angela’s attitude and communication skills have created such a positive atmosphere, she serves as an outstanding example to her peers and adults daily. She is positive and greets all those who cross her path. While volunteering, Angela is pleasant and her smile is contagious. Due to her efforts, the businesses have earned more than $15,000 for various programs that would not have existed without her hard work to expand these businesses. She takes pride in all her work, and the weekly column she wrote not only serves to communicate valuable information; but it has helped the community to gain more understanding and respect for students in middle school.

In addition to her work with the school stores, Angela also volunteers at the New Smyrna Beach Christian Church, Southeast Volusia Historical Society and was a Cadet Commander for the Civil Air Patrol – where she was awarded the title of Cadet of the Year 2001.

Angela attends New Smyrna Beach High School now. She returns to the Middle School weekly and on early out days to keep up with programs there. She carries on the tradition of volunteerism with the New Smyrna Beach CAPS Alumni Association, and she participated in the Red Ribbon Organization for a Drug Free Youth’s rally. Angela carries AP Honors classes and has added American Martial Arts and soccer to her schedule.

Angela has had to deal with difficult challenges as a young adult. Her mother was diagnosed with cancer several years ago, and she is the primary caregiver for her mother’s recovery. Angela carries a lot of responsibility. Her father lives in Virginia and also faces serious medical issues. Angela’s spirit is what keeps both of them going. The highlight of volunteering this year for Angela was of a personal nature. It was assisting her mother walk the lap, as a cancer survivor, for the American Cancer Society of Southeast Volusia County’s Relay for Life.