Daily Point of Light # 2312 Dec 13, 2002

The Granite Education Foundation (GEF) is an organization that was started in 1988 to provide a way for schools and communities to interact in order to provide better educational opportunities for local students of all ages. There are various programs such as mentoring, businesses adopting and sponsoring schools and other youth/adult interactions. The GEF’s slogan is “Invest In Futures” and their mission is “to enable and encourage private individuals and businesses to make a direct and meaningful impact on our children in public education.”

Catherine Pederson volunteers with GEF. She has served faithfully as the President of GEF for two years and has been a member of the Board for five years. She is or has been the chairperson for the Art Auction, School Success and the Self-Esteem Conference. In addition, Pederson has served on the state PTA in excess of 24 years.

Pederson has come to know many of the children and realizes their specific needs. Countless times, without recognition, she has anonymously donated money for specific children in need on numerous occasions. Pederson serves the children of the Granite School District and has surpassed the call of duty for her responsibilities with GEF.

Pederson has been called a “Champion for Children” because of her work. She was recognized with the Outstanding Service Award for 2000 from the Utah Association of Public School Foundations.