Daily Point of Light # 1840 Feb 21, 2001

Ann Jeffers has an exemplary academic record and is a young woman of noble character. She has challenged herself each year with regards to her education and excels in being a volunteer. Jeffers was selected as the Hugh O’Brien Leadership Award Winner in her sophomore year in high school, elected as Class President in the sophomore and junior years and is currently serving as President of the National Honor Society. She is also active in the Spanish Club, Technology Students Association and the Service Club. In addition, she works as a Literacy Volunteer in Wetzel County, is active in her church and has been a tutor for students in the Alternative Education program while working part-time for the past three years.

Jeffers became involved in tutoring in 1997 as a high school sophomore. She trained as a Literacy Volunteer, which consisted of spending two weekends of 20+ hours of training for certification. Her certification has led to opportunities for tutoring in various settings including working with a Boy Scout troop, reading books to them at an evening lock-in event.

As a junior, Jeffers began tutoring the in Alternative Education Program at Magnolia High School. This program is schooling for students who have been expelled from traditional schools for reasons such as carrying a gun or knife on school property, exhibiting violent behavior and fighting. The Alternative Education Program operates after school hours, but Jeffers does not let the hours of operation deter her and is still dedicated to being a positive part of her community. She teaches math at all levels, from Basic Math to Algebra I, Geometry and Algebra II. Last year Miss Jeffers worked with the students twice a week for an hour to an hour and a half. The enrollment this year only necessitates her to volunteer one day a week.

Currently, Jeffers is working with a student taking Algebra I and with another working towards their GED. Without the Alternative Education Program and Jeffers’ instruction, these students would lose a year in their education process as they are not allowed to be enrolled in the public school system. Working with these students has been an eye-opening experience for her, and she has realized how some students flourish given the right environment with caring one-on-one attention.

She has also had the opportunity to assist fourth graders enrich their reading and study skills. Jeffers had first period free on Tuesdays during her junior year and used that time to go to the grade school and worked with the youngsters. They read various children’s books, which helped the children gain reading and speaking skills. The youngsters responded wonderfully with the individualized attention and as the year progressed, their test scores on books and other readings increased. This year, Jeffers is working with two Chinese students at her school who recently came from Mainland China. They know very little English and Anne takes her time and goes over new vocabulary helping them to understand and speak English and learn American ways.