Daily Point of Light # 3602 Nov 23, 2007

Food for Thought is a student designed program that allows individuals, civic organizations and corporations to make donations for students. Food for Thought assisted 1288 students during the 2005-2006 school year.

It is a known fact that hungry students cannot learn and according to Mr. David Chupa, Principal at SHHS, "Thanks to FFT, it is very rare that a student goes without a meal at these campuses. The program provides a great meal service that is confidential and easy to use for the high school students."

"I founded Food for Thought out of a genuine concern for fellow students at Science Hill High School when they did not have a pre-packed lunch or lunch money (for whatever reason) to purchase a traditional lunch meal. The high school has no-charge policy, therefore there is no back-up plan when students do not have lunch provisions. The humanitarian in me said, "no one in my city, the state of Tennessee, the United States, or the world for that matter should go without a meal in the 20th century."

Dev Staff