Vanessa Wilson

Daily Point of Light # 3603 Nov 26, 2007

Vanessa is an outstanding, model volunteer. In the year she has been a volunteer, she has taken on five wish children. She works with different partners to make sure children with life threatening medical conditions have the wish they so desire. She fills out all the required paperwork completely and keeps in touch with the children if they have a wish they are waiting on. It sounds simple, but going the extra mile to make sure everything is complete is just the type of volunteer we value most. She saves our office precious time by being so thorough.

She also saves the Foundation money by soliciting in kind donations from various organizations and always sends thank you notes. She was heavily involved in planning some of her wishes also when the Foundation needed her most. She has also been an active recruiter in the Gainesville area bringing other wonderful volunteers to the Foundation.

Vanessa can be counted on to represent the Foundation by speaking at various events to create awareness in the community about Make A Wish. She also volunteers her time at our various events.

She is very special to us and we would love nothing more than to recognize her amazing efforts with an award. It is a demanding volunteer job to grant wishes to children with life threatening illnesses and Vanessa always has our mission in mind and our children in her heart as she helps us grant wishes.