Brian Grim

Daily Point of Light # 3604 Nov 27, 2007

Brian Grim is an excellent Community leader and role model. He is dedicated to all that he does, whether through his academic career, or his commitment to the community; there is nobody more giving of himself in this community, than Brian.

Brian has been extremely involved in the community through civic activities ranging from flood relief and clothing drives to serving with the Volunteer Team, Inc., at Rocky Gap State Park. Since 1992, Brian has been a part of the Volunteer Team, Inc., and he has amassed over 7,000 volunteer hours, himself. In 2006, while committed to a full-time position at Rocky Gap, and while participating with other community organizations, Brian volunteered over 1,000 hours. He has served the public through the Team as a member of the Board of Directors, as Chair of multiple committees, and as a member of even more. He formerly served as the Team's Treasurer, as well as Vice President of the organization, having risen through the ranks because of his dedication to the local parks. In addition to his dedication to the local community through his service to Rocky Gap, he also volunteers with the non-profit Tri-State Concert Association, which brings entertainment to Allegany County, and he has served as a member of the Board of Directors of the Western Potomac Chapter of the American Red Cross. Brian has recently been named as Vice-Chairman of the Western Potomac Chapter of the American Red Cross, and serves on several committees with the organization. He is currently serving as the Co-chair of the American Red Cross' HEROES Fundraising campaign. Brian has also served the community through his participation in the Let's Beautify Cumberland program. Brian's greatest "personal act" is his giving of time and energy to the community.

The thousands of hours Brian has volunteered since beginning his civic activities in 1992, have made a tremendous impact to every organization and every facility in which Brian has spent his time. From the picnic tables he helped build many years ago at Rocky Gap, to the Christmas decorations he helps place each year for the annual Mt. Reflections Christmas Light Display, which serves as the primary fundraiser for the local chapter of the American Red Cross, it's true that Brian's efforts really do brighten up the community. Brian has a talent for coordinating efforts and bringing projects to fruition.

From a young age, he served people, as he was first introduced to "volunteerism" while in middle school, where he attended the school earlier than most students, in order to work in the school's book store. He joined the Volunteer Team with his family, where throughout his life, he has been involved in coordinating, setting up, and pulling off events within the parks that draw hundreds of visitors and brighten the spirit of the local community. His involvement in the Volunteer Team remains consistent, something that is rarely the case with young people. His dedication from the age of 13, through to the age of 28, shows him to be a remarkable man. Rarely do we find individuals that are so giving of themselves and dedicated to the community around them.

Brian has a major impact on the community. Although he is nearly always behind the scenes, he is making a difference. From picking up garbage as a member of the volunteer squad that participated in the Let's Beautify Cumberland program to helping sort and pack clothes for a massive clothing drive, it takes skill, determination, and commitment to offer so much; Brian Grim has all of those qualities.