Daily Point of Light # 1682 Jul 14, 2000

Without benefit of compensation, Barbara Larkin has been involved for many years with the youth of Goffstown. She has been involved as a team mother, concession coordinator and Board member for the Goffstown Junior Baseball organization. Larking has also volunteered with the Mountain View Middle School and its parent group, Mountain View Partnership. She organizes the very successful annual community event, “Pumpkinfest Celebration,” in which all local non-profits are invited to come, free of charge, for a day of fundraising and fun.

Her most recent community endeavor has been raising funds for a local boy and a gentleman, both battling cancer. Larkin’s dedication and drive to succeed in her quest to provide the Ravenelle and Columbe family with the needed funds to make life easier in their time of stress and in the Ravenelle case, to provide the money needed for a life-saving procedure has been phenomenal. Her positive spirit was instrumental in mobilizing all members of her community, area businesses and private citizens alike, to help out in this endeavor.

Larkin was the driving force that helped raise more than $200,000 to help Evan Ravenelle. Thanks to her efforts, which raised the money in less than six months, the Ravenelle’s were able to pay for the procedure and Evan is now is remission.

She is also involved with the Goffstown Network organization and has been instrumental in raising funds for Network, a local food pantry that helps feed the needy of our community. Every year Larkin organizes and helps facilitate the success of this vital fund raising event that enables the Network to provide for its clients throughout the year. She is always there when a community need arises, either quietly helping in the background or completely facilitating in the forefront.