Daily Point of Light # 1681 Jul 13, 2000

Jackie Wrin has been an active Viking Ambassador at West Vigo High School for the past two years. Her student leadership has directed student volunteers to conduct cultural diversity lessons for the school body, a live stage production for more than 500 K-3rd grade students and an educational forum for 75 female high school and middle school girls.

She assumed leadership for the school’s Personal Responsibility Day, May 7, 1999. She was instrumental in organizing a lesson for 600+ students on cultural diversity and respect. She collaborated with the local India Association to bring cultural experiences to the classroom, which were well received by the participating high school students.

In October of 1999, Jackie organized a presentation for 530 K-3rd grade students of three local elementary schools, arranging transportation for all students to attend a live stage production called “The Secret Garden.” This project has now evolved into the development of a “Secret Garden” in the West Terre Haute Library. She presented a proposal to the Vigo County Library Administrators and received approval for her plans. Jackie has integrated four high school classrooms in the construction process.

The drafting class has drawn to scale the floor plan, biology has researched plant life for the site, and the textiles and design class is completing soft sculpture for the site. Additionally, Language arts students are writing children’s books in English, Spanish and French. Students of art will be painting murals on the walls. All reading materials will focus upon citizenship and their Community of Caring five core values: trust, respect, responsibility, caring, and family. This special reading site is scheduled to open this April.

On January 21, 2000, Jackie completed the implementation of an all girl teen forum. She was responsible for proposing, organizing, implementing and evaluating this overnight experience which assessed female issues relating to sexuality. Seventy-five girls participated in this unique event to simulate the life of a teenage mother by staying all night on a local college campus. Thirty-five 8th grade girls were plagued with a “Baby Think It Over” baby, a doll which simulates a real child. This project was planned on a school night to challenge those involved to attend school despite the disruptions of caring for an infant. This activity was to solidify efforts to prevent teen pregnancy and the option of abstinence as a real choice. Jackie was instrumental in modeling the positive choices that school attempts to teach. In addition, guest speakers addressed date rape, self-esteem, and stress related issues of teen girls.

Jackie is described as a teen that is dedicated, assumes challenges and is a model for others teens to get involved in their community.