Barbara Gamache

Daily Point of Light # 3751 Jun 19, 2008

Barbara Gamache is an exemplary leader and friend of seniors who struggle with loneliness, physical illness and depression. We value her thoughtful leadership to our agency, and the scope of services that she has provided to seniors in our care for seven years. Barbara was presented with the Bronze Presidential Award in 2007.

Barbara is a regular participant at Minuteman volunteer meetings, keeping up to date with the agency and issues of aging. She is the one we ask to mentor newer volunteers, or take on difficult clients. She understands the need for isolated seniors to be respected as the capable, vital people they still are, and serves as a witness to their lives. She drives seniors to medical treatments and appointments, and offers a sympathetic ear and arm to lean on during stressful times. Barbara stops with them for a cup of tea or trip to the market, and follows clients into nursing homes and dementia units, where she brings their life stories to the attention of staff. In December, Barbara delivers most of the holiday gifts from Senior Santa for Burlington seniors. She has touched the lives of scores of seniors, staff and volunteers at Minuteman.