Hilda Fountain

Daily Point of Light # 3750 Jun 18, 2008

Hilda Fountain says her actual life just isn’t colorful, but we imagine that anyone who has had the privilege of knowing her would disagree. If colorful means showy, then that’s not Hilda. But if a colorful life is one of joy and positive impacts made through years of dedicated and humble service, then Hilda’s life has been one bright rainbow.

Hilda loves by simple mantras. She believes that living the good life means always doing your best and being reliable, patient, and kind. She strives to get along with others, be dependable, and keep an optimistic point of view. Hilda says that one of her goals has always been to make a contribution, and to simply say that she has done so would be an understatement. Following retirement, Hilda began searching for “a reason to get out of her own yard,” and she chose to become an American Red Cross volunteer.

The American Red Cross prepares communities for emergencies and keeps people safe every day. She was assigned to the hospital, where she manned the bookmobile and the front desk. Her role changed after there was no longer a need for the book cart, she started delivering flowers in 1986.

Hilda has volunteered with the hospital for thirty-three years. Staff and volunteers who work with Hilda can count on her presence each Friday afternoon. Patients can count on Hilda to bring some sunshine and encouragement into their rooms, and they can count on her to identify the types of flowers found in their bouquets. Hilda believes herself to be a recipient of the Lord’s blessings, and for each of them she is very thankful. High Point Regional Health System, in turn, is very thankful for the blessings of this colorful volunteer who soon turns 99.