Jimmie Deeds

Daily Point of Light # 3749 Jun 17, 2008

In 1957, Jimmie moved to Montana with his parents from Seattle. It fit well with his passionate enjoyment of the outdoors. A real sportsman, Jimmie enjoyed hunting, fishing and backpacking. He retired from Smurfit-Stone after 37 years of service. He had his own contracting business and continues carpentry projects even today. Jimmie benefits from volunteering by keeping active, productive, helping others and remaining interested in life. A secret to his successful life is his attitude. He knows that individuals have a choice in how they wish to view life. He has found that an active and positive approach to life works best for him. He has also found that giving to others makes him feel good. Jimmie is a devoted family man and a warm, friendly and outgoing person. He is dependable, honest and caring. Jimmie is a strong advocate for volunteering. He has observed that people who volunteer are more interested in life and seem to live happier, longer and more fulfilling lives.

Jimmie’s wonderful attitude is shown through his dedication and outstanding performance at the Missoula Police Department, where he works in the Abandoned Vehicle Program. Volunteers at the Police Department are required to work a minimum of 4 hours, one day per week. Jimmie works 2 days a week, anywhere from 5 hours to 10 ½ hours per shift, in all kinds of conditions and weather. He steps up to the plate and works well over the minimum required hours, putting in long hours when the workload is the heaviest. As a volunteer, he responds to citizens’ complaints, by accessing the Abandoned Vehicle Log and “signing out” subject vehicles. He then takes an unmarked police department vehicle and responds to the areas where the abandoned vehicles are located. The vehicles are then tagged and the computer is updated. After a minimum of 120 hours or 5 days, Jimmie returns to the assigned vehicles to verify if they have been moved or are still at the original location and need to be towed. Digital photos are taken and attached to the completed paperwork. After this, the vehicles are towed and the streets of Missoula are cleared of this unsightly “trash.” The officers joke that Jimmie holds the “all time record” for responding to abandoned vehicles when he signed out and responded to 27 vehicles, throughout the City, in one day. No wonder he has been able to process 284 vehicles so far this year. All his hard work in this program allows Police Department staff to work on more important duties. Jimmie also regularly trains new volunteers and will fill-in in other positions as needed.

Some of Jimmie’s other recent volunteer endeavors include: Meals on Wheels Driver, YMCA-Riverbank Run Fundraiser to help provide scholarships for children who could not otherwise afford YMCA activities, renovating the Poverello Center for the Missoula Aging Services, Loyola B.A.S.H., and his church. Jimmie is well respected for all his outstanding volunteer work. Helen Pohlman, Volunteer Services Specialist for the Missoula Aging Services RSVP program says, “Jimmie’s volunteer work is inspiring. He gives his time to fulfill his higher calling which is a real and profound purpose of serving others.” Through his unwavering dedication to the Missoula Police Department, the city is indebted to him for helping keep Missoula, the place they all love, safe and livable.