Daily Point of Light # 2618 Feb 17, 2004

Barbara Lee is an Alderwoman in the city of New Bern where she served and is still serving for over 12 years. She is an entrepreneur in the food serving business for more than 20 years of “Food Palace” on Queen Street in New Bern. A person never leaves hungry, “money or not.” When someone passes away, she contributes food generously to the poor family, especially if there are young mouths to feed.

Her son was incarcerated needlessly for a minor crime, but that did not stop her from crying out even more for the young people. Someone else would have folded their hands and given up, but not Ms. Lee. She organized a group Area Day Reporting Center for young people that are caught up in the system – making it possible for them to maintain their education while under suspension from school and under the court jurisdiction. She has a competent staff, workshops that include parents – teaching them how to help their children. You would be amazed at the participation; she has given the young mothers and fathers a new lease on life – showing them how to help their kids. Her workshops include not only kids from the poor area but also kids from the wealthy area of town, and race is no barrier. Ms. Barbara Lee is a pioneer in the present age.