Daily Point of Light # 2619 Feb 18, 2004

Marjorie Barnbrook has been an Intake Worker volunteer since May 1983. This year, she was honored during National Volunteer Week for 20 years of service. She has donated more than 2,755 hours of service over the last 20 years.

In her capacity as an Intake Worker, Ms. Barnbrook has conducted in-person and telephone interviews with low-income individuals seeking assistance in dealing with their legal problems. She has been able to talk to persons in distress and get a fairly clear picture of what the applicant is asking ILS to do. In this way, she actually begins to prepare the potential case file.

The agency’s mission is “to provide high quality legal services to the low-income community in Indiana.” Ms. Barnbrook helped to fulfill this mission by completing a high quality intake that an attorney will work on. She has been an important link between vulnerable or disconnected people and their opportunity to a obtain free legal assistance to solve various problems such as housing difficulties; access to judicial and administrative proceedings; safety, stability and well being; and improving outcomes for children. For example, without Ms. Barnbrook’s service, an applicants in dire need of a divorce to escape an abusive spouse might not have an Intake Worker to take their application. Also, without Ms. Barnbrook, someone who needs Medicaid benefits might not get the help they need to appeal their Medicaid denial.

Ms. Barnbrook was consistent in her attendance on her regular Thursday afternoon intake shifts. She is reliable and conscientious, especially during summer months when students are gone. Her experience with ILS helped her know what questions to ask the applicants.

Ms. Barnbrook did not let the sad, heartbreaking stories of many applicants dissuade her from volunteering. She continued her personal mission of giving her skills to help others as best she can. In June of this year, due to physical health, Ms. Barnbrook was forced to retire. She is the first volunteer to be honored with this length of service by the agency, since the volunteer program began in 1982.