Daily Point of Light # 2073 Jan 14, 2002

Beatrice Biggs Parker is a 64-year-old senior citizen living on a fixed income but manages to make dreams come true for sick and dying people. To date, Beatrice has given aid to 20 children and 3 adults.

Parker did not have her program officially documented, but she continued working to make dreams come true from 1988 through 2001. A Charlotte attorney heard about her volunteer service and waived his $1000 fee and helped her establish her nonprofit organization, “Touching Foundation.”

Parker looks to the community to give support to the Touching Foundation, also. She works with churches and other programs to provide love. During the holidays, Parker works to find terminally ill children who have final wishes. She then provides them with early Christmas gifts.

Parker works with Consumer Casket Company in Charlotte. Many of the terminally ill do not have insurance to cover burial expenses. She works with the casket company and the family to secure a donation deal to ensure that the patient may be buried. Because of her work with the casket company, they now go out and seek families who do not have the means to bury their loved ones.

Three years ago, Parker wanted to do something different for her own birthday. Instead of throwing herself a party, she contacted an area nursing home and asked for a resident who had no family or friends. She purchased a gown, housecoat, and bedroom shoes for the resident. She celebrated by sharing and caring for someone else.