Daily Point of Light # 2072 Jan 11, 2002

Interplast, Inc. is a nonprofit organization that sends medical volunteers to developing countries to provide free reconstructive surgeries for children in need. Some of the children have cleft lips, a cleft palate, or sever burn injuries. Interplast also provides instruction for local doctors and nurses in advanced surgical techniques and patient care. This helps these professionals improve their continued medical care in their country and for their country’s citizens.

Interplast’s mission is to provide reconstructive surgeries for people in developing nations and to help improve health care worldwide. The organization’s goals are to establish, develop, and maintain host-country, domestic-patient, and educational programs with several objectives. They want to provide direct patient care, which consists of reconstructive surgery and ancillary services to those with no other resources. They also work to provide educational training and medical interchange along with assisting host-country medical colleagues toward medical independence. In addition, Interplast enables recipients of care to become providers of care to new sites.

Interplast maintains no political or religious affiliations. Sensitivity to, and respect for, other cultures pervades the philosophy of Interplast. It also deeply influences the manner in which they conduct themselves as ambassadors of hope and a future to men, women, and children in need.