Daily Point of Light # 2071 Jan 10, 2002

Charles Brown, Jr., better known as Charlie Brown, has been more than a faithful volunteer for two years. He was first recruited by VISTA volunteer, Cindy Graham, on October 7, 1999. He is always on time for his weekly date. Every Wednesday, Brown arrives at Mt. Olivet Elementary School at 12:25pm to meet his first student of the day, Paige. Paige is a first grader who was struggling academically. Brown and Paige go to their usual place in the library to work on spelling, phonics and reading. They spend 30 minutes enjoying the time, memories and, of course, learning experience.

Brown does not stop there, after working with Paige. Brittany is eagerly waiting. Brown spends another 30 minutes helping Brittany. Although also a first grader, Brittany is not struggling but requires extra motivation and constant reassurance to succeed, which Brown is willing and able to give.

There is an entire class of 18 students waiting for “Charlie time.” Brown works with the kindergarten class differently. A lot of spice is added to the presentation to stimulate interest for these little ones. Brown has formed an interest in riddles and in their learning minds. The riddles may seem entertaining, but they get little minds turning.

Brown has single-handedly made noticeable improvements in a kindergarten class and two first grade students. Will they remember Brown as the man in the wheelchair? No, he is the man that changed their way of thinking, learning and seeing people that are different. In the past school year and part of the current school year, Brown has encouraged children with more than 28 weekly visits worth of reading, spelling, phonics, riddles, friendship and more! How fortunately Mt. Olivet Elementary School is to have Charles “Charlie” Brown as one of its America Reads volunteers.