Daily Point of Light # 2070 Jan 9, 2002

Drug abuse, hunger, and violence within families are issues that overshadow citizens of Cincinnati, Ohio’s everyday lives. These issues pose such a problem that most people choose to remove them from their consciousness. They choose to overlook these things and pretend they are not there, in hopes they will not have to ever personally handle a volatile situation. Khadijah Amatullah has impacted the lives of many in Ohio and helped them reach a higher potential, change their life situation, and become positive members of society.

Khadijah Amatullah stepped forward as a mentor, leader, facilitator, and a coordinator working against overwhelming odds. Because of her initiative, hundreds of youth throughout the City of Cincinnati are served at 13 sites. Three Square Music Foundation board members and chairperson supported this effort. This program offers drug awareness education, homework labs, art, music, and computer help. It works to reduce the involvement of youth in drug related activities by offering positive educational and recreational programs.

Amatullah also volunteers in coordination with the Gimmentti Bakery. There, she transports, coordinates, and distributes bread products to women’s shelters and needy families. In addition to this, Amatullah is on the Homeownership Center of Cincinnati and Avondale Redevelopment Board and a part of the Greater Cincinnati Mortgage Counseling. Amatullah educates and aids low-income families by teaching them and providing them with the information they need to become homeowners. She instills individuals with pride and personal responsibility in the communities where they live.

Amatullah works with the Beech Acres as a volunteer group facilitator. There she offers focus groups to divorced families and encourages them toward introspection, which helps to reduce anger within the families and restore family values. She has also developed and coordinated a free tutoring and mentoring program for youth in need of educational support. Amatullah recruits college students to go to the homes of those in need and give them support in their empowerment through education. She serves as Volunteer Community Coordinator with Hamilton County Community partnership. She serves more than 11 communities, and she helps to develop programs that create drug free and violence free environments. She also works with families to develop life skills, communication, and employment.

Amatullah may not be able to measure the success of every program she is involved in; however, results have been widespread and encouraging. Pregnancy rates have lowered because of the empowerment and increased self-esteem of individuals. Economic bases have broadened, which affects many families and in some cases entire communities because individuals were able to overcome barriers and go back to work. Hundreds of people in the Cincinnati area have been affected by Khadijah Amatullah’s work. She is a volunteer as well as a business owner. Through her business, Amatullah has donated more than 2,000 fingerprinting kits, some smoke detectors, coloring books, and educational aids for teen drivers. This also results in a more informed, safer community.