Ben Massell Dental Clinic

Daily Point of Light # 1231 Oct 22, 1998

Since 1911, the Ben Massell Dental Clinic has offered its services to immigrants and indigent people from Atlanta with the goal to improve teeth, relieve pain and provide education about dental hygiene. Last year, the clinic helped more than 6,000 people, including 65 children.

Open five days a week, the clinic offers every specialty of dentistry, including braces and dentures. It is believed to be the only clinic of its kind. 85 dentists volunteer their time, along with the help of a five person dental support staff, to ensure the clinic's success. Because of their belief in giving back to the community, these people work for little or no money. Fees for patients are based on a sliding scale, so if you have money, you pay a little, if not, you are not turned down. The Ben Massell Dental Clinic has mobilized hundreds of volunteers, but because of the great demand for oral care in Atlanta, there is still a shortage of volunteers.

The Jewish Career Services, of which Ben Massell Dental Clinic is a part, donates a large sum of money to the effort, as well as the Northern District and other donators. The clinic has received positive recognition, as well as several awards, including the American Dental Association Geriatric Award and the JC Penny Golden Rule Award.