Benjamin Davis

Daily Point of Light # 3595 Nov 14, 2007

Ben Davis has volunteered at the John Winthrop School Lighthouse After School Program in Bridgeport, CT. for the past two years. He instituted a chess club with the 4th and 5th grade students encouraging higher order thinking at all times. Most of the students had little knowledge of the game, but Ben had tremendous confidence in their ability to learn and demonstrated significant patience throughout the course of each year. His inquisitive nature was evident as he probed students about the strategies they used and additional options at their disposal. Ben was reliable, enthusiastic, highly motivated, and innovative with his teaching style. He was truly an asset to the Lighthouse Program staff.

In addition, Ben culminated each year with a trophy ceremony. Thanks to his generosity and that of his family, each student received a personalized trophy for their participation. His time spent with the children at Lighthouse left each of them with a greater understanding and appreciation for the skills required to play chess that can carry over into their everyday life.