Bessie Hunter

Daily Point of Light # 1329 Mar 9, 1999

The students at Kemp Elementary School who have benefited from her tutoring and guidance all know and love her. The other volunteers involved in the Retired Seniors Volunteer Program (RSVP)/Kemp Elementary Help One Student to Succeed (HOSTS) Program are thankful for her willingness to substitute for them in their absence. Bessie Hunter is the lady who, as a volunteer in the program since its inception six years ago, continues to make a positive impact on the third and fourth grade students she helps every week.

A tireless volunteer, Hunter devotes a scheduled four hours per week to tutoring eight students in a one-on-one setting. However, her time commitment is generally increased by the countless hours she spends substituting for other volunteers who are sometimes unable to attend their arranged tutoring sessions. In addition to these duties, she actively recruits other volunteers to join the HOSTS program and work to fulfill its mission of providing individual attention to students in need of academic assistance to foster high self-esteem and the desire to learn.

Hunter understands how overcrowded classrooms and teachers with numerous administrative duties can prevent students from receiving the personalized attention that they may require. The success of the children with whom she has worked during the course of her service is a testament to the importance of her efforts. Volunteers and teachers who have worked alongside Hunter also gain insight from her experience and inspiration from her unceasing generosity of spirit. She takes her task of volunteer teaching seriously and attempts to instill the desire to learn in all of her students, most of who have been classified as being low achievers.

One thing is certain; Bessie Hunter carries her deep belief in the worth of all children with her to work every day. This is evident by her dedication to volunteerism and to contribute to quality education for all students at Kemp Elementary. Just ask the students she has helped along the way.