Best of America Volunteers

Daily Point of Light # 1176 Aug 6, 1998

The Best of America Program is a national alcohol and drug abuse prevention program for the Golden Key National Honor Society, a nonprofit collegiate honor society that recognizes and encourages scholastic achievement in all undergraduate fields of study. The program is directed at school aged youth in the United States. The goal is to educate children that consuming alcohol before the legal drinking age or using illicit drugs is harmful and illegal, and that young people will make choices which affect the quality of their lives now and in the future.

Golden Key members, student athletes and other college students make presentations in local primary and secondary schools and serve as positive role models for children. Volunteers emphasize goal setting, decision making, life planning and the value of education. Presentations also include the distribution of educational literature and resource materials to students and school officials.

The Best of America program is cited in the Final report of the White House Conference for a Drug- Free America (1988) and has received C-flag recognition for two consecutive years from the President's Citation Program for Private Sector Initiatives.