Kathryn Hall

Daily Point of Light # 1175 Aug 5, 1998

Since October 1997, Kathryn Hall has picked up surplus goods from a local bakery and personally delivered to agencies in Downtown Austin such as Caritas Annex, Central Presbyterian Church, The Salvation Army, Youth Options Metropolitan ministries, University Baptist Church and St. Austin's Catholic Church. Having been homeless herself, Ms. Hall is dedicated to helping others.

Often her efforts make the difference between eating and not eating for many of Austin's less fortunate citizens. Ms. Hall, or The Bread Lady as she is often called, has given more than just food to her community, she also volunteers at Sims Elementary School where she mentors third and fourth grade students one-on-one to improve their reading skills.

Although she does not have a car and relies solely on public transportation, Ms. Hall makes her daily pick-ups and deliveries regardless of the weather. According to one local organization, Ms. Hall is a godsend that has alleviated the hunger of many.

In October 1997, Ms. Hall received a Certificate of Appreciation from Mayor Kirk Watson in recognition of her efforts; collecting seven smoke detectors from area businesses for the Austin Fire Department's smoke detector drive, which were distributed to needy residents of Austin.

In addition, Ms. Hall has been appointed to the local FEMA board and served as a representative for the homeless. She also represented the United Way at the 1997 Texas Rally for Community and Volunteer Service in San Antonio where speakers included Governor George Bush and General Colin Powell.