Janet Keyser

Daily Point of Light # 1174 Aug 4, 1998

OASIS is a not-for-profit program for seniors 55 years of age or older, dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for older adults. The program offers challenging programs in the arts, humanities, wellness and volunteer services. While the program's organizers believe that all of the volunteers of OASIS are deserving of recognition, one volunteer, Janet Keyser, seems to stand out a little more.

Janet Keyser has been an OASIS volunteer for more than eight years. Specifically, she volunteers with the OASIS Intergenerational Tutoring Program, a devoted group of more than 400 tutors who mentor to children throughout Scottsdale and Phoenix, AZ. With more than 200 hours logged in each month, OASIS considers Mrs. Keyser a great asset.

Janet gives of herself and her talents to a child each week and spends time reading with that special person. In addition she tutors and trains others volunteers to be tutors each week.

Janet organized an OASIS Resource Library, to help other tutors find books, ideas and resources for them to work with their OASIS child. OASIS tutors visit the library every week to find puzzles, games, cutout, puppets and other such items to assist them with their tutoring. She is also a vital member of the OASIS Helping Hands Program, a summer program she helped design to provide tutors with training and ideas during the times that school is not in session.

In addition to her work with OASIS, she also reads to children in her spare time and is a part of the "Read to Me Program", started by Barbara Bush. She is a member of a special program called "K through Gray", which was started by Phoenix College to allow elementary students to interact with senior citizens through the Internet. Using text-based materials, they work to improve their reading and enhance their computer skills.

"For all she does, Janet exemplifies the senior citizen we all hope to become," remarked Elaine M. Schumacher, Assistant Director of OASIS.