Cindy Georger

Daily Point of Light # 1173 Aug 3, 1998

Cindy Georger has been a volunteer at the Learning Lab, Inc. since 1994. The Learning Lab is a nonprofit organization which provides individualized educational programs such as Adult Basic Skills, English as a Second Language, and Family Literacy to assist students in improving their ability to use printed, numerical and written information so they may function successfully on the job, in the family and in the community.

Mrs. Georger spends 2 hours a week in the preschool classroom working with children ages 3 to 5 from families with at least one functionally illiterate parent. While their parents are in one classroom working to upgrade their skills, the children participate in a pre-literacy-based early childhood program. Parents and kids work together frequently on intergenerational activities intended to foster a love of learning and to break the cycle of illiteracy within families.

Mrs. Georger's help is critical to the success of the class, enabling each child to receive an abundance of one-on-one attention and by showing their parents, through example, how to effectively read to or engage in hands-on activities with young children.

This past year, Mrs. Georger took on the task of chairing the Learning Lab's annual fundraiser, The Lunch for Literacy '98. She spent countless hours recruiting table captains, soliciting book and raffle item donations, keeping track of ticket sales and arranging the program. The event raised more than $12,000 to support Learning Lab classes.

In addition to her work for The Learning Lab, Mrs. Georger also serves as a volunteer coordinator for the "Book Talk" program at a local junior high school. The "Book Talk" program involves parents, adult volunteers and students who come together for round table discussions about books they have read. In addition to leading book discussions, Mrs. Georger regularly meets with teachers to select which books to include, arranges for book purchase and distribution and recruits participants.