Daily Point of Light # 2453 Jul 1, 2003

For more than eight years, Beth Ann Navidomoskis has volunteered her service with the American Red Cross in Germany, Korea, Okinawa and Utah. Since 1983, she has donated more than 7,500 hours of service to the mission of the American Red Cross.

Navidomoskis discovered the agency when she was overseas. She sought them out and worked with them in any capacity she was needed. Her efforts and attitude did not change when she came to donate her time in Utah.

She averages about 88 hours per month with the American Red Cross of Northern Utah. She is dependable, which is something that is required of the volunteers with the agency. It is important that when you have someone scheduled to work that they will be there on time and ready to serve. Navidomoskis comes to the office on short notice to assist with the phones and other administrative tasks. She takes the initiative to assist in any area needing support and successfully completes all assigned tasks. The agency is confident that callers are treated with respect and their inquiry is dealt with immediately when Navidomoskis is on the line.

Because of her time spent with the agency, customers and clients do not have to wait long to have questions answered and receive services they request. Her knowledge of the American Red Cross ensures that everyone with whom she comes into contact knows what services the Chapter provides. She advises clients where to donate blood, how they can be certified in life saving skills, when they can receive assistance with past due utility bills, how family members can get in contact with loved ones in the military and what the Chapter does when disaster strikes.

Navidomoskis mans the Clearfield American Red Cross office each week by herself. After the events of September 11, 2001, she was able to continue providing services in Clearfield for the Davis County residents. Without her, the office would have remained closed because staff members were not able to provide any coverage for several weeks. Navidomoskis also helped at fundraising drives that assisted those affected by the terrorist attacks of September 11th.

Though Navidomoskis has been challenged physically, emotionally and mentally due to an accident, she continues to serve. She admits that her volunteer work with the Red Cross helped her regain mental agility, has given her a continued purpose to improve physically and helps to heal some emotional wounds.