Bethany Komie

Daily Point of Light # 4839 Aug 24, 2012

In 2009, Bethany Komine viewed a live presentation of “Rachel’s Challenge” and was deeply affected by its message of showing kindness and compassion to fellow students. “Rachel’s Challenge,” named for Rachel Scott the first student killed in the 1999 Columbine High School shooting, calls on a student body to actively show kindness, inclusiveness and respect and to implement anti-bullying practices. Komine was one of the first students to be nominated to participate in the “Friends of Rachel” club and be a “Rachel’s Trainer” from its inception at the Medfield High School in 2009.

Komine has made a personal commitment to the values of “Rachel’s Challenge” in and outside of the “Friends of Rachel” club. She has worked hard to integrate the club’s mission of friendship, compassion and kindness into the Medfield High School student body and outside the club with peers on a one-on-one basis who have struggled to find a place to belong or adjust to a new environment. She is a natural leader in social groups and has taken this position to heart by trying to be a positive role model for others by leading through example.

The “Feel Good Festival” is the “Friends of Rachel” club’s largest annual event, held to show the Medfield community positive things teens are doing and to promote happiness and kindness. For two years, Komine has been actively involved in planning and marketing for the event and has been the co-coordinator for the festival’s music line-up.

Additionally, through the “Friends of Rachel” club’s sponsorship, Komine has also been very active in encouraging, participating and performing in the high school Library’s “Showcase Café.” This monthly event, gives musical students an opportunity to perform individually for their peers. The event builds self-confidence for the student performers, but also gives students in the audience an opportunity to see their peers in a new way and de-stress through music, food and social interaction during their school day